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As a CPA, you need to be informed about your client’s financial  information at all times.  Your business requires that you keep close control of your client’s financial data.  You need to know where that information stands at all times.  When your client’s financial data is in your office and you aren’t, how do you get the information you need?


Through our accounting and bookkeeping services, we help you increase your business efficiency, enabling you to get more done in lesser time, become a 24-hour office and most importantly allowing you to focus more on client relationships and growing your business.


The various accounting and book-keeping services we offer include:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Payroll
  • QuickBooks Setups
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoicing
  • Raising Bills for Creditors
  • Updating Bank Statements


Why It Makes Sense to Outsource?
There are a number of compelling reasons to outsource your accounting, bookkeeping and back-office functions. In summary:

  • Become a 24 hour office and get work done beyond your own working hours – you allocate the work when you leave for the day, and when you come in the next morning, it would have been processed
  • Focus on existing and new client relationships as well as more high yielding assignments
  • Cost effective – you can save up to 50% by outsourcing your bookkeeping and other back-office tasks


To back what we say, we propose to interested clients that you give us a pilot project (up to a 10 hour job) - AT NO COST TO YOU - to demonstrate what we have explained above. It will show you the ease with which your work will get done at a fraction of the cost.


You will also experience the speed and quality of the work and the professionalism with which your work would be handled during such a pilot project. In addition, it will give you a taste of the processes involved and security issues. You have nothing to lose except may be a few hours, but you may gain tremendously.


Sign up now for a 10 hour FREE trial.


Client Speak

I've been impressed with Extend Your Office's attention to detail, and also their ability to work with our other accountants to solve problems. We will continue to use Extend Your Office, and we look forward to hiring new employees as Sundia grows.


Alex Auseklis, VP Finance
Sundia Corp