About Us   

Extend Your Office offers business process outsourcing services to CPA firms and businesses. We provide accounting and bookkeeping services, analysis and reporting services and data entry services.


We help you extend your office by enabling you to add team members without taking them on your payroll and by extending your operation to 24 hours – we work while you sleep!


We pride ourselves in our ability to build great extended teams while executing processes under challenges and pressures. We pride ourselves in our ability to build great teams, execution processes and sustain under challenges and pressures.  We now extend this ability to your company.  We dedicate a support team based on your requirements.  You stay in constant communication with the team as if they were at your office premises.  We have been able to leverage the advantage of global operations in providing high quality and cost-effective outsourced accounting & bookkeeping solutions resulting in reduced costs, 24-hour operations and allowing you to focus on growing your business.


All bookkeepers are accounting majors and are well versed with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and NetSuite and packages like CSA and CBS.  Our team includes chartered accountants, (Indian equivalent of a US CPA), bookkeepers, process analysts and IT professionals ensuring consistent delivery of quality services.  The team members work under a group leader who is a certified accountant.


Security has been implemented at multiple levels including physical security, legal security and technology level security.  Team members work in a paper-free environment and everyone’s entry and exit into the work area is monitored and controlled.  We execute an NDA and confidentiality agreement with every team member at a general and a specific engagement level.  The work area is under CCTV surveillance, email access is restricted and access to the Internet on project machines are restricted and controlled.


Our Advantage

We combine the best of knowledge, quality, affordability and specialization to offer bookkeeping and accounting services.  The team leaders are aware of US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and cross-check the work that is delivered to the clients.  While we are able to offer significantly lower rates by leveraging our off-shore presence, we do not compromise on quality and our US representatives and account managers ensure that the customers' questions and concerns are addressed with the highest priority.



All work is done by logging into servers located in the US thus ensuring that the data does not leave US soil.  Every engagement begins with a client brief and development of an end-to-end process at a granular level.  Team members are then trained on the processes and work is executed based on the workflow defined.  Team leads and team members are available to speak with the client with respect to status updates and queries.  On a weekly basis, the team lead sends a detailed status report on the work done for the week along with timesheets.


We have been able to leverage the advantage of global operations in providing high quality and cost-effective outsourced accounting & bookkeeping solutions because of which you shall get:


  • 1. Reduced Cost
  • 2. 24 Hour Operations

3. More Time To Grow Your Business


Client Speak

We have used Extend Your Office for over a year as an outsourcing partner for our book-keeping and MIS Reports. We are very pleased with the quality of work, quick turn around, and reasonableness of fees.

We would highly recommend Extend Your Office as your outsourcing accounting service partner. Their value, service and professionalism have been a pleasure to work with.


Michael Fox (CEO)
The Aspen Club & Spa